General Services Administration Celebrezze Federal Building: USCIS Office Remodel + Renovation

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) office resides in the AJ Celebrezze Federal Building located on East Ninth Street in downtown Cleveland. USCIS occupies 17,810-square-feet in the 32-story high-rise.

USCIS spaces are currently split between multiple floors of the building. The District and Field Offices reside on the 5th floor. A stand-alone Application Support Center situated on the 12th floor and a bulk storage room on the 16th floor will soon be relocated to the 5th floor adjoining the USCIS spaces.

Minor renovations and ongoing refresh for the USCIS office, 5th floor, AJ Celebrezze Federal Building include:

  • Customer Service Area  
  • Waiting Room
  • Natz Prep Room
  • ISO Staging Area
  • District Suite
  • District Kitchenette
  • Field Office Director office
  • Mail Room
  • File Room

The most challenging task was to create artwork to be prominently displayed in the waiting room. To accomplish this, a massive laminated glass panel was designed with The Statue of Liberty carved into the back side of the glass with the Cleveland skyline etched on the front side. The artwork titled “Liberty in Cleveland” symbolizes the concept of Lady Liberty overseeing the immigration process, welcoming immigrants to Cleveland, Ohio.