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Gwendolyn Frank Recognized as AIA Cleveland's 2023 Emerging Professional

December 16, 2023 // Announcements

Perspectus is elated to celebrate the remarkable achievement of our talented architect, Gwendolyn Frank, AIA, who has been honored with the 2023 AIA Cleveland Emerging Professional Award. Gwendolyn has received recognition for her contributions to the architectural industry, as well as for her impact on those within it. The Emerging Professional Award is bestowed upon individuals demonstrating dedication to their workplace, community, and professional organizations. Gwendolyn has clearly exhibited her commitment to instigating lasting change within the profession.

The AIA Cleveland Emerging Professional Award strives to recognize the next generation of designers and professional leaders as they contribute, develop, and refine their skills in the workplace. Gwendolyn's innovative approach to design and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural excellence have truly set her apart. Her ability to blend creativity with functionality has not only left a lasting impact on our projects but has also garnered recognition from the wider architectural community.

Gwendolyn's multifaceted engagement inside and outside of the office mirrors the core values of Perspectus, emphasizing the importance of community, mentorship, and design advocacy. Her involvement in the ACE Mentor Program in Cleveland showcases her dedication to nurturing the next generation of architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Serving as a mentor, she has imparted her knowledge and passion for design to aspiring individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the future of the industry. Furthermore, her active membership as an AIA Cleveland chapter member and participation in committees such as the YAAM (Young Associates & Architects) Committee and Design Awards Committee underscore her commitment to fostering collaboration, promoting excellence, and shaping the architectural discourse within our local community. At the state level, AIA Ohio, she continues this mission through board positions, initiatives such as the EPFF (Early Professional Friendly Firm) Program and continuous involvement since 2021. Beginning in 2024, Gwendolyn will assume the esteemed role of Secretary for AIA Cleveland, adding further distinction to her growing list of accomplishments. 

Gwendolyn's recognition with the Emerging Professional Award not only honors her individual achievements but also highlights the positive impact she has made in advancing the profession at a broader scale. We applaud Gwendolyn for her outstanding contributions and look forward to witnessing the continued growth of her influence in the architectural community. Congratulations, Gwendolyn, on this well-earned honor—may it be the first of many milestones in your flourishing career.


The future of architecture is dependent on widespread sharing of acquired knowledge so there is more space and time for creative collaboration and problem solving around the unknown and yet to come.


Gwendolyn Frank, AIA